10 Time Super Magnetic Separator

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  • Item No: SS
  • Product Name: 10 Time Super Magnetic Separator


1. The 10 Time Super Magnetic Separator uses rare earth magnets, whose magnetic force is 8 times stronger than Ferrite magnets. No filter media consumption in the coolant filtration system.

2. Outer diameter of magnetic roller has been increased, so contact area increases too, getting better filtration effect.

3. Interior magnets do not rotate. Only exterior stainless steel tube rotates, so it saves power.


1. It can attract contaminants with weak magnetic force, such as cemented carbide, carbon.

2. Rum roller never slips. Filtration effects are excellent with oil coolant, so second filtration is not necessary.

3. Largest capacity reaches 1000 L/MIN.


Capacity: 80-1000L/MIN.