F&H Technology
Eco Friendly
High efficiency
New concept
We are professional in most of industrial machine's cleaning, filter. Include equipment and consumables.




No consumable, Electricity free

Suitable for most kinds oil base and water base coolant

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Company Introduction

F&H Technology was established in 2012, we accumulated of nearly 10 years valuable experience with multinational distributors, agents to service industry users, and then with Taiwanese industrial manufacturers to promote their good products to the vast foreign markets.

After several years of interaction with customers, we are deeply impressed by the fact that most kinds of filtration processes at the machine tool still in an "untreated" or "traditional type". As a member of the planet, we must do our best to protect the future environment and reduce the health hazards of on-site operators. From 2016, F&H Technology decided to shift parts of business to sales of filtration equipment in the factory to provide customers with new, environmental protection and high efficient professional services.

Environmental protection
High efficiency
New concept

- F&H Technology CO., LTD. -

Our vision and business idea

Company History


Company website online who provides more products and service more customers.


Industrial cleaner for coolant tank clean promoted.


For marketing meeting resolution, extensive filter equipment will be join to promote in the future.


Cooperation with UNI MAGNETIC INDUSTRIAL Co., LTD. who promoted that’s brand of filtration products.


Cooperation with UNI MAGNETIC INDUSTRIAL Co., LTD. who promoted that’s brand of filtration products.


Cooperation with CHIN TAIRY ENTERPRISE LTD. who promoted that’s brand of electromechanical equipment & oil mist collector.


Cooperation with CHIEN HSIN TRADING CO., LTD. together promoted Japanese manufacturer FILSTAR filter.


F&H TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. established. We service most of industrial users in Southeast Asia area.