Coolant Tank Cleaner

Do you always spend a lot of time to clean your machine’s coolant tank?

Now, let's CSC-8 coolant tank cleaner helps you and solve it

  • Patented Design
  • No consumable
  • Electricity free
  • Suitable for most kinds oil base and water base coolant
  • Machine non stop when chips collection
  • For most of metal or nonmetal chips
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No consumable

Patented Technology

Fast collection floating chip, sinking chip, particle & sediment from collant (liquid) tank and reach semi-dry

Electricity free

Air compressed support, safety and easy

(Suggestion pressure 4~6 kg/cm²)

Nice product appearance

Nice product appearance for accessories to hold and put, moving and keeping easily



Model Capacity Max Flow Rate Working Pressure SUS Filter N.W Dimensions (L*W*H)
CSC-8 8L 210 L/min 0.5MPa 1.0 & 0.44mm 56 kg 680x400x810mm
CSC-6 6L 100 L/min 0.4MPa 1.0 & 0.4mm 50 kg 350x450x900mm


  • Coolant life time and quality getting longer
  • Time of maintenance and machine stop shorter, machine availability higher
  • Cutting tool, grinding wheel life time longer. Workpiece NG reduce


Some of grinding particle or situation have to use fine filter net



Cast Iron

Engineering Plastic